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Re: Porting Xconfigurator to Debian!

On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 09:44:08AM +0100, Othmar Pasteka wrote:
> > Install discover, read-edid and mdetect before you install X, and you're
> > set.
> it's not userfriendly? that's the whole point of it actually. and
> X based GUIs are way nicer than text based GUIs.

Didn't we have graphical debconf frontends?

> and it's also not userfriendly to go and say "go read the package
> descriptions". that's ok for advanced users, I doubt a beginner,
> overwhelmed with new things, can handle that. the frustration
> level is maybe a bit too high and dump debian altogether. so why
> hinder ease of use? :)

Sure. I was just stating that's its actually *possible* to do it, not
that everyone should be happy with it. There's always room for
improvement, e.g. using those above packages when doing dpkg-reconfigure
in case they have been installed since or of course somehow adding them
to the base system. It's just a pity this couldn't be done for woody.


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