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Re: private debian pools

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002, Joey Hess wrote:

> Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> > Why noone have ever packaged the actual debian set of scritps for
> > handling archives instead?
> Probably because it's too complicated to be of use unless you're
> managing something on the scale of the debian archive. It's much easier
> to install mini-dinstall and make a directory for your repository than
> it would be to install the real dinstall and set up all the database
> stuff and other stuff it needs.

Well it depends on the need. As I pointed out in another msg of this
thread people should be able to choose the appropriate archive system
according to the requirement of what they have to offer.

> > private repositories laying here and there (http://www.apt-get.org as
> > mentioned in one of the last DWN), and i know for sure that Brian is not
> > the only that will benefit from such scripts. I also had to write my own
> > to  handle my archive since i was not really satisfied with the others.
> Hmm, I wasn't exactly satisfied with mini-dinstall when I started to use
> it, but it seemed like a much better trade-off to contribute feedback
> and bug reports than dilute effort with yet another tool to do the same
> thing. And now I *am* happy with it, except for a couple of bugs.

You have a good point here. Now it is clear to everyone that many people
have spent time writing their own scripts to handle pvt archive, meaning a
lot of duplicate work. My suggestion would be to have some sort of 3
different archive handlers to satisfy users demand.

Entry level - one release (sid/sarge/woody), one arch (probably a simple
wrapper for dpkg-scanpackages and dpkg-scansource)
Medium level - whatever between entry and insane (something like
Insane level - full archive (dinstall)

> Eh? Like everyone else on the internet, you have read access to
> cvs.debian.org for dinstall's source.

doh! I always forget about cvs because Im not a real fan of it :-)


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