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Re: Fwd: Please confirm your message

On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 11:09:02AM +0100, Gerrit Pape wrote:
> Autoresponders, bouncers, and other mail handling programs use the
> envelope sender address, not an address found in any header of the mail.
> I doubt that any abuse@ address replies to a bounce message.  This is no
> problem.

Practical experience contradicts this.  Have you tried subscribing
to debian-security?  You get to learn fascinating things about the
vacationing habits of random strangers.

I also _frequently_ get bounces that should have gone to the mailing
list software instead of to me.  This happens less on unixy lists,
so you might not have noticed on debian-*.

Hmm, if I understand it right, your plan will mean that anyone operating
such a broken mail system will get DoSed by spammers?  Then maybe there's
something to it after all :-)

Richard Braakman

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