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Re: Planned mass-filing of bugs: java packages only depending on java-common

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Richter <sjr@debian.org> writes:
    Simon> I think the autobuilder argument is valid. Autobuilders
    Simon> need the classes, but not the VM. If at all, you can make
    Simon> the VMs depend on the core classes, so people can depend on
    Simon> the core classes for compiling and a vm for execution.

Depending on the core classes does not provide javac which is what the
autobuilders actually require.  GNU classpath, for example, does not
provide javac, nor does sablevm.  For that you need jikes, kaffe, gcj
or the Sun jdk packages.

Also, depending on a java-virtual-machine does not provide the java.*
classes necessary at *runtime*.  A virtual machine is just that, a
bytecode interpreter.  Java the language != Java the virtual machine.


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