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Re: More spam than developer mail

pe, 27-12-2002 kello 20:31, wayne kirjoitti:
> The great thing about spamassassin is it uses so many different
> techniques to determine if an email is spam.  It is rare to get enough
> false positives on all these different techniques to generate a false
> positive from spamassassin, and the same is true for false negatives.
> I'm actually getting less spam in my inbox now than I have for years
> and it has been months since I've gotten a false positive.

This obviously varies a lot between people. I get a false positive from
SpamAssassin about every week or two. Different people get different
kinds of spam, and different kinds of valid mail, and it is not possible
to predict how well SpamAssassin (or any other heuristic) works for one
person based on a random someone else's experiences.

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