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Re: Planned mass-filing of bugs: java packages only depending on java-common

>>>>> "Ola" == Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org> writes:
    Ola> This is false. If the package provides the core classes it
    Ola> should provide java1-runtime but NOT java-virtual-machine. If
    Ola> it provides the virtual-machine it should provide
    Ola> java-virtual-machine. If this is not clear enough in policy
    Ola> that must be clarified.

Ola, we go round and round on this.  Having java1-runtime only mean
the java.* classes doesn't add anything.  Packages shouldn't have to
depend on two virtual packages; java1-rutime should be a superset of
the functionality of java-virual-machine not a disjoint set.


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