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Re: private debian pools

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002, Roland Mas wrote:

> Brian May (2002-12-07 16:36:58 +1100) :
> > I have a set of scripts for creating private debian package pools,
> > available at:
> Wonderful.  We now have two tools providing almost the same
> functionality, except only one does package pools (bin2) and only one
> is mature (mini-dinstall, by Colin Walters).  Could we possibly hope
> for a merger of those two?  I'd very much like to have a pool-aware
> mini-dinstall...

Why noone have ever packaged the actual debian set of scritps for
handling archives instead? as you can see by yourself there are a lot of
private repositories laying here and there (http://www.apt-get.org as
mentioned in one of the last DWN), and i know for sure that Brian is not
the only that will benefit from such scripts. I also had to write my own
to  handle my archive since i was not really satisfied with the others.
To who should the request be addressed? ftp masters? I offer volunteer to
pkg them in case, but since Im still not a d-d i can't access them
frequently to follow their evolution in time.


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