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Re: Package with non-free build-depends

Chris Leishman writes:
> Hi all,
> The recently released version of libxml++ (0.16.0) includes doxygen
> documentation produced from the code (to html), so I created a -doc
> package for this.  However, doxygen wanted to use "dot" to create some
> of the images for the documentation.  Problem with that is that "dot" is
> from the graphviz package which is in non-free.
> Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention the first time I uploaded the
> package, but one of the nice auto builders told me off quick enough :)
> So anyway - whats a good solution here?  Can I just not have the images
> in the documentation, or do I have to include the images into the
> package some other way?  The dependancy on graphviz was only so that the
> documentation could be fully generated.
> Thoughts and suggestions?  For now I've just removed the graphviz
> build-depends and left the documentation with missing images.

Look, if doxygen can be configured for your packages not using dot. Or
else include a "precompiled" version of the docs into your diff
file. Adapt your rules in a way, that it can fall back to the
precompiled version, if the graphviz package cannot be found.

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