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Re: private debian pools

On Sat, 7 Dec 2002, Brian May wrote:

> I have a set of scripts for creating private debian package pools,
> available at:
> <URL:http://www.microcomaustralia.com.au/debian/bin2/>.
> These scripts will allow you to create and maintain a private archive
> with multiple distributions, architectures, etc. No database is
> required. See
> <URL:http://www.microcomaustralia.com.au/debian/> for a sample.

It looks nice. I had to write some scripts to maintain my archive but I
have been hitting several problems. I will give them a shot but I would
like to have some more information on them.

> If somebody wants to help tidy up this code and package it for Debian, I
> will be willing to maintain the Debian package for Debian.
> This probably will involve going through the README file and fixing the
> things I have labeled "FIXME" (most of these should be simple to
> fix, not sure about the bugs in rmfiles yet though).

Do you have some documentation done somewhere? I wasn't able to find the
README file.

> If you want to do any work on it, please let me know simply so I can
> tell you if I have made any changes (as I do more testing if I find any
> bugs I may simply fix them without warning).

Well probably yes. I would love to read the doc (except the code itself)
and testing it.

> A name is required (bin2 doesn't suit IMHO!).

d-arch-builder?? (debian-archive-builder)

> dpkg-scanpackages and dpkg-scansources have been hacked to take a file
> with a list of packages as a parameter.

Did you add the fuctionality or just a simple hack? maybe handling it as
an cmd line option (ex: --file-list <file>) will make life much easier and
merge with the original one much faster without breaking the normal

Looking forward to try it.


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