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Re: Fwd: Please confirm your message

On Tue, 2002-12-03 at 09:53, Brian May wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 10:22:32AM +1300, Corrin Lakeland wrote:
> > Personally I think bayesian based spam filters are a godsend.  They're a bit 
> > naive in places such as being unigram or bigram based, but that'll probably 
> > get fixed in version two.  And already they are still amazingly good.
> Are these packaged for Debian?
> Where can I find more information?

apt-get install bogofilter

Works like a ripper, I've primed it with a 2000 message spam corpus and
10,000 message non-spam, and it gets called by procmail. Very high
accuracy, very few (approaching 0) false positives and negatives.

Jonathan Oxer
Ph +61 3 9723 9399 / Fx +61 3 9723 4899
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