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O: translate-docformat -- any-to-any document translation system

Package: wnpp

I've not touched this package for a very long time, 
initially it seemed like a good idea to have some kind of a 
"database" which can translate any document format to 
another, but my interests have moved to other things,
and most of all, I no longer use this package, really.

Architecture: all
Depends: sgmltools-lite, lynx|w3m|w3mmee, linuxdoc-tools, debiandoc-sgml, tetex-bin, texinfo, texi2html, docbook-dsssl, jadetex
Description: any-to-any document translation system
 This is a command-line front end to many 
 document format translation programs to 
 facilitate the translation of documents from 
 one format to another.
 Currently it supports major formats 
 like the docbook, linuxdoc, debiandoc, and 
 TeX, translating to HTML and ps and text.

dancer@debian.org : Junichi Uekawa   http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer
GPG Fingerprint : 17D6 120E 4455 1832 9423  7447 3059 BF92 CD37 56F4

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