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latest libc6

I have a problem with libc6 version 2.3.1-6 that did not exist in the previous 

Using my SE Linux modified version of coreutils 4.5.3-4.se1 (based on the 
Debian release 4.5.3-4) I can't do "mv ../foo ." and get an error "cannot 
stat ./foo".

If I revert to the previous version of libc6 then everything is fine.  
Everything also works with the non-SE version of coreutils, the bug may be in 
my code, but I think that any code which works on the previous version of 
libc6 should work in this version and suspect libc6.  Because of this 
uncertainty I have not filed a bug report yet.

I have attached strace and ltrace output of the problem occuring on old and 
new libc6 packages.

I'm about to go for lunch now, I'll be back in a few hours to work on it 

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