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Re: Perl package now needs Python, too

On Mon, Dec 30, 2002 at 09:44:43PM -0500, Duncan Findlay wrote:

> If you think people get your package to use the
> grabbers/choosers/other user interfaces and the XMLTV perl modules are
> just a backend, rename it to xmltv and provide libxmltv-perl.

Whatever other binary packages are provided by the same source, the perl
modules themselves should be in a binary package named lib<blah>-perl.

3.2. Module Package Names

     Perl module packages should be named for the primary module provided.
     The naming convention for module `Foo::Bar' is `libfoo-bar-perl'.
     Packages which include multiple modules may additionally include
     provides for those modules using the same convention.

In this case, I would recommend a layout like:

Source: xmltv

Package: libxmltv-perl
Description: perl modules

Package: xmltv-grabbers (or xmltv-bin or other such)
Description: programs for converting online program listings to XMLTV format
Depends: libxmltv-perl, python, ...

I don't see much point in splitting off one of the grabber programs just
because it happens to be written in Python.  It makes more sense to keep all
of the grabbers together.  Python is Priority: standard anyway.

 - mdz

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