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Re: lyx maintainer?

dilinger@voxel.net ("Andres Salomon") writes:

> Jules, do you have any problems with me NMU'ing lyx?  Or, do you have
> any sort of ETA/plan for lyx-1.2.1 packages already?
I've attached the announcement for LyX-1.2.2 which has been released
today. The changes explicitly declare support for xforms-1.0:

----------------------- snip -------------------
- LyX builds with the newly released xforms 1.0. Actually, it is
  advised to use this version of xforms, since it fixes many bugs and
  support for older versions will probably be dropped in LyX 1.3.0
----------------------- snip -------------------

I've been building this version on unstable and uploaded it to

--------------- /etc/apt/sources.list ----------------
deb ftp://ntama.uni-mainz.de/pub/debian unofficial/
deb-src ftp://ntama.uni-mainz.de/pub/debian unofficial/
--------------- /etc/apt/sources.list ----------------

                               Thanks, P. *8^)

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We are glad to announce the release of LyX 1.2.2.

LyX 1.2.2 is a maintenance release. It is a recommended upgrade from
1.2.0 or 1.2.1, especially since it fixes a few bugs introduced in

In case you are wondering what LyX is, here is what
http://www.lyx.org/ has to say on the subject:

  LyX is an advanced open source document processor that encourages an
  approach to writing based on the structure of your documents, not their
  appearance. LyX lets you concentrate on writing, leaving details of 
  visual layout to the software.

  LyX runs on many Unix platforms (including MacOS X), OS/2, and under
  Windows/Cygwin. Note that all these ports use the same xforms interface 
  and therefore need an X server. 

You can download LyX 1.2.2 here :


Prebuild binaries (mainly rpms for linux distributions) should soon be 
available at

If you already have LyX 1.2.1 sources, you may want to apply the
following patch instead
If you find what you think is a bug in LyX 1.2.2, you may either
e-mail the LyX user's mailing list (lyx-users@lists.lyx.org), or open
a bug report at http://bugzilla.lyx.org

If you're having trouble using the new version of LyX, or have a question,
first check out http://www.lyx.org/help/, and e-mail the LyX user's list if you
can't find an answer there.  
** Updates

- LyX builds with the newly released xforms 1.0. Actually, it is
  advised to use this version of xforms, since it fixes many bugs and
  support for older versions will probably be dropped in LyX 1.3.0

- selecting a word by double clicking now sets the X clipboard (like
  when dragging the mouse)

- it is now possible to specify the arguments for viewers; in
  particular, this means that it is possible to use browsers which
  require a file: URL as HTML viewers (mozilla is used as default if

- when a new LyX version is launched, the Edit>Reconfigure tool is
  automatically invoked; this should avoid many problems with users
  who are not aware that it is needed

- when changing the current layout with the toolbar, the corresponding
  keyboard binding is shown in the minibuffer

- in hebrew language, the key " now inserts a typewriter quote (since
  other quotes do not make sense in hebrew)

- Insert>Lists & TOC>Bibtex Reference uses style 'plain' by default

- new class ijmpd; update cl2emult, llncs and foils textclasses

- update sciword bindings

- small cleanup of UserGuide and FAQ; update to German, French and
  Russian documentation; new Hebrew tutorial

- update french, german, russian, finnish and danish localization of
  the interface

** Bug fixes

- fix bug where special characters in equations label confuse LyX
  (this was a new bug in 1.2.1)

- fix bug with citation keys that contain spaces (this was a new bug
  in 1.2.1)

- remove special handling of EPSI files, because it caused more
  problems than it fixed (EPSI handling was new in 1.2.1)

- fix crash with undo

- fix lockup when changing the layout of several paragraphs at the
  same time (and the layout of the first paragraph is already correct)

- fix possible endless repainting when a tabular is larger than the

- fix bug with graphics files which name contain a '.'

- fix bug in the xforms image loader, where images would be cropped by
  a few pixels

- when a viewer has not been found (set to "none"), remove the
  corresponding View menu entry

- fix rendering of Arabic text

- fix bad latex output with language changes in nested environment

- fix bad latex output with math array environment included in an
  eqnarray environment

- fix bug where \limits statements (as obtained in math with M-m l)
  would not be read back from the lyx file

- do not output labels in latex when numbering is off

- harmonize the behavior of delete and backspace in main text,
  insettext, and tabulars, i.e. don't put stuff into the clipboard

- add bindings for M-< and M-> in emacs mode

- fix crash when using the koi8-u keyboard mapping

- fix handling of word-related cursor movement functions in math editor

- fix placement of cursor with mouse in presence of hfills

- the reference dialog now lists the labels of the current buffer

- fix the thesaurus dialog so that it can be closed with the Escape key

- fix problem where citation labels do not appear in 'natbib' style
  when the user expects them to do so.

- fix problems with wrong highlighted entry in citation dialog

- fix drawing problem when a line of text contains both left-to-right
  and right-to-left text

- ignore bogus matches of scalable fonts

- when loading a font fails, show the name of the said font

- make sure that pdf files use 1.3 format

- add detection of kdeprintfax for sending faxes

- add missing autoconf file xforms.m4

- fix compilation problem (missing <wchar.h>) on some BSD systems
  (including Mac OS X)

- fix link problems with gcc on and non-GNU linkers

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