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Package with non-free build-depends

Hi all,

The recently released version of libxml++ (0.16.0) includes doxygen
documentation produced from the code (to html), so I created a -doc
package for this.  However, doxygen wanted to use "dot" to create some
of the images for the documentation.  Problem with that is that "dot" is
from the graphviz package which is in non-free.

Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention the first time I uploaded the
package, but one of the nice auto builders told me off quick enough :)

So anyway - whats a good solution here?  Can I just not have the images
in the documentation, or do I have to include the images into the
package some other way?  The dependancy on graphviz was only so that the
documentation could be fully generated.

Thoughts and suggestions?  For now I've just removed the graphviz
build-depends and left the documentation with missing images.


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