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recursive build-depends or similar

Mailsync depends on libc-client which can be compiled one way or another
including or excluding ssl, kerberos etc.

It happens that libc-client in woody did not include kerberos but
libc-client in sid does.

Is there a way to specify this in the build dependecies? Right know I have
to decide if I want to make mailsync buildable on woody or on sid. I
wouldn't mind if it could build on both. Is something like this possible:

Build-Depends: libc-client-ssl2001-dev |
               ( libc-client2002-dev, libssl-dev, libkrb5-dev )

OTOH - couldn't the build system figure that out for itself - that is
check libc-client2002(-dev) and find out that it depends on libkrb5-dev
and make sure it's installed before building the package?

<flamethrowers, please align your weapons in the correct direction so
 that I can find the relevant docs/discussion in case this is a "faq">

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