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need some advise for a font package

I've packaged xfonts-knickers, the knickers pcf font created by
Tom Gilbert. Before I upload it I wanted to ask for some advise about   
whether it is right to package a single font.

I noticed nexus is already there, so either that's the right thing to do
or it isn't, unfortunately I'm not qualified to say which. :)

One one hand, I can see how having seperate .debs would be nice, I could
apt-cache search knickers, then install it without maybe getting a bunch
of other fonts I wasn't necessarily looking for at that time.

On the other hand, a package for a single font is a waste of packaging

I've done some searching for a font collection candidate to add it
to, but the only thing I saw was freefont, but that is in non-free.. :)
Maybe a free one needs to be started? I'd be happy to put this together
if it would be beneficial to debian.

Or maybe merge nexus and knickers, and possibly some other fonts that
are floating around out there into a single package?

Any thoughts on this issue?



Jon Bernard                                       <jbernard@roanoke.edu>
PGP Key ID: 0x5912C27E                   http://cs.roanoke.edu/~jbernard

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