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Re: Pre-linux Windows program - was Re: bill gates Linux

On Sun, 2002-12-08 at 15:25, John Lines wrote:
> Reading the thread on installation from Windows - one thing which might help
> new Linux users would be a program which they ran from Windows before they
> started, which would record all the things Windows knows about their system
> which will be required by a Linux installation.
> This could include information on the hardware, such as graphics cards, and
> some things related to the user, such as language settings and time zones.
> These could be written to a floppy and used to supply the information which
> Debian Installer will need (a bit like a RedHat Kickstart floppy)

I doubt there's anything sensible windows knows that wouldn't be
available with lspci and other things in /proc. 

Hmmm, ok, on 2nd thought there's modems, printers, and old ISA cards.
Anything else?

-- vbi

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