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Re: More spam than developer mail

Jon Dowland wrote:
> Joop Stakenborg wrote:
> > Currently, the ratio developermail/spam is about 50/50,
> > it is getting out of hand.
> Does anyone have any statistics on the ratio of
> (developer mail) / (spam that gets through) / (spam that doesn't)

Only the listmasters can give exact figures about the spam which we
would receive if we didn't use spamassassin, but since, in general,
most spam have a spamassassin score higher than 5.0 (and of course,
higher than 4.0 which is the list threshold), it's reasonable to
assume that the spam caught by the list filter is much more than the
spam it does not catch.

Another different issue is the proportion of spam vs legitimate email
which is distributed by the list. I can give you my figures for this
month: I've received 161 spam messages and around 1392 legitimate messages,
which means 10% of all messages from this list are spam, approximately.

Bdale, listmasters, this is the umpteenth time I ask you about this:
Are you going to do something about it or not?

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