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Re: More spam than developer mail

On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 08:25:25AM -0500, Don Armstrong wrote:
> We actually have a spam problem? 1-2 pieces of spam/day out of the
> 50-60 messages that go to -devel isn't bad. (Perhaps a listmaster
> might want to interject approximately how much spam is rejected by the
> filters?)

But Santiago is still right, it can be improved.

Here are some easy stats from my mailboxes:

% egrep '^From ' mail/spam* | wc -l
% egrep '^X-Loop: .*@lists.debian.org' mail/spam* | wc -l

> > [ The reason I think this is the main problem is that they have not
> > even installed razor v2 in lists.debian.org ].
> Spamassassin 2.43, which is running on -devel (and most of the other
> lists, afiak) checks with razor2 by default.

All of them, but there's no razor installed so SA can't use it.

(Note that I'm a listmaster as well, but I'm the most junior one so I'm not
confident enough to start seriously messing with this.)

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