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Problem with kdenetwork build for unstable


I have problems fixing kdenetwork for unstable.  With gcc 3
get/setenv aren't detected through C but through C++ which doesn't
work.  That's a bug in automake.  It should be fixed with a patch
in the following source:


but that doesn't compile.  Ray told me that the first line of configure.in.in
needs to be AC_INIT(1) but that also doesn't get us far.

I need help with this since before a new version of kdenetwork is
in unstable for all architectures, no stable security updates can
be uploaded into proposed-updates.

Could people who are familiar with automake &c check this and explain
the problem to me or provide a patch?



Testing?  What's that?  If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up, it is perfect.

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