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Re: More spam than developer mail

On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 12:31:57PM -0600, wayne wrote:
> Vipul's Razor certain helps a lot on my debian spamassassin system.  I
> have a friend who runs FreeBSD and he uses the Distributed Checksum
> Clearinghouses (DCC) and he gets really good results from them.  It
> would be nice if Debian's spamassassin package included DCC.  If it
> did, I suspect that the DCC would pick up a bunch of spamtraps that
> use "spamassassin -r".  Debian's spamassassin setup also uses Pyzor, a
> Razor clone, but it seems find very few matches.

Spamassassin does support DCC. The only problem is that there is no
Debian package for DCC (ITP: #164942). I have DCC installed locally
and it works fine with spamassassin.

Duncan Findlay

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