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Re: private debian pools

On Sun, 2002-12-08 at 17:26, Brian May wrote:

> When I last looked at mini-dinstall it didn't seem to try to cater for
> many of the tasks required for pools, because it doesn't appear to
> support pools.
> eg. with pools you need tools to install packages, maintain multiple
> Packages files for different areas (at or least thats functionality I
> need), etc.

Yes.  I think that doing package pools "right" requires all sorts of
extra stuff like some form of database (be it a flat file or PostgreSQL)
and special tools for installing/removing package.  My feeling is that
if you really need pools, what someone needs to do is sit down and
package the real dinstall.  That way we would have the best of both
worlds; a simple, easy to use verison of dinstall in the form of
mini-dinstall, and if it doesn't fulfill your needs, then you could go
to the real full-blown dinstall.

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