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Re: Planned mass-filing of bugs: java packages only depending on java-common

Stephen Zander wrote:

Depending on the core classes does not provide javac which is what the
autobuilders actually require.

The build dependencies for Java packages could be for example:

jikes, classpath, lib*-java (all other required Java packages)

If all lib*-java packages in main depend on java1-runtime (the core classes, not a complete JRE with JVM) this dependency is satisfied by classpath. So I don't need a JVM (which is not available on all architectures) to build the package.

Also, depending on a java-virtual-machine does not provide the java.*
classes necessary at *runtime*.

That's correct. I just changed this for tomcat4 yesterday: It now depends on java-virtual-machine, java2-runtime, ... since I also thought that javaX-runtime meant "core classes + JVM" in the past.

Stefan Gybas

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