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Re: More spam than developer mail

I'm rambling, sorry.

to, 19-12-2002 kello 11:59, Joop Stakenborg kirjoitti:
> Currently, the ratio developermail/spam is about 50/50,
> it is getting out of hand.
> Can we make this a close list? Please?

Making a list closed (i.e., only subscribers may post) requires adding
schemes through which others may still post, but go through some kind of
moderation. All of these tend to be uncomfortable in the gluteus

One possible scheme would be an automated whitelist to which people are
added if they send mail in reply to list mail. People not on the
whitelist would get a confirmation request similar to the one they get
when they subscribe and if they respond, they get added to the

Presumably debian-user and other lists suffer from the same problem? A
scheme such as the above might be somewhat scary to those with less
technical understanding of e-mail. Possibly not.

Another scheme would be to run a spam filter (SpamAssassin, bogofilter,
CRM114, or similar) on incoming list mail and send a confirmation
request only if they are a non-subscriber and the mail looks like spam.
Or manually moderate mail that looks like spam.

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