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Re: private debian pools

On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 02:03:44PM +0100, Roland Mas wrote:
> Brian May (2002-12-07 16:36:58 +1100) :
> > I have a set of scripts for creating private debian package pools,
> > available at:
> Wonderful.  We now have two tools providing almost the same
> functionality, except only one does package pools (bin2) and only one
> is mature (mini-dinstall, by Colin Walters).  Could we possibly hope
> for a merger of those two?  I'd very much like to have a pool-aware
> mini-dinstall...

And don't forget debarchiver, which doesn't (yet) support pools, but is in
use in a number of places for doing old-style archives, too.

I'd honestly prefer to see the actual archive scripts (The One True
Archiving Tools, of which all others must, by definition, be emulations)
packaged and useable by mere mortals, but the last I'd heard, this was a
long way off, and not terribly high on most priority lists.
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