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racoon ISAKMP implementation for IPsec

I just downloaded the latest upstream source for the iputils packages
and noticed that they it now contains quite a bit of IPsec code.  In
particular, this includes libipsec and racoon.  Racoon is the KAME
ISAKMP (IPsec key exchange protocol) implementation.  I haven't
investigated further, but considering the upstream author's involvement
in Linux kernel network development, I'd take this as a sign that racoon
will be the "official" ISAKMP implementation for the recently merged
kernel IPsec code.

I haven't seen any mention of racoon on this list, nor in wnpp.  The
iputils release notes indicate that racoon will eventually be moved to a
separate source package that should be packaged separately from the
iptuils Debian packages.  I will maintain the racoon and libipsec
packages, since I haven't seen any sign of other people offering to do

If I missed an ITP, please let me know.


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