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Re: Linda Easter Egg.

On Wed, Dec 25, 2002 at 02:30:35AM +1100, Andrew Lau wrote:
> netsnipe@espresso:~/public_html/debian% linda balsa_2.0.4-0.1_i386.changes 
> Twas the night before christmas, when all through the house, not a
> creature was stirring except StevenK's mouse.
> The computer, was humming, emacs was a-running and StevenK was
> furiously typing;
> The stockings were hung by the chimney with a fanfare,
> In the hopes that Stallman soon be there;
> To deliever with care, the latest Free Software

That's not an easter egg. That's a christmas egg ;-)

> Nice one StevenK. = ) Merry Christmas to you too and everyone else on
> this list who doesn't get offended by this season.


wouter at grep dot be

"Human knowledge belongs to the world"
  -- From the movie "Antitrust"

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