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Re: recursive build-depends or similar

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 05:13:40PM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
> Note that buildds don't understand |,

Sure they do. At least partially.

If an autobuilder finds a package with alternative build-dependencies,
it will either
* Leave everything the way it is, if any of the mentioned packages is
  installed, or if any installed package satisfies a virtual dependency
  given in the alternative build-dependency,
* Install a package satisfying the virtual dependency as specified by
  its configuration (for example, some packages are so broken that they
  need an MTA to build; if exim would be installed in such a situation,
  the build would fail due to exim's configuration at install time.
  Therefore, autobuilders may have smail configured to satisfy
* Install a random package satisfying the single given virtual
  dependency if there is no configuration, and the first listed package
  is a virtual package,
* Install the first listed package if it is not a virtual package.
* ... maybe something else; I didn't look at the code.

However, ...

> but buildds won't be building the
> newer version on woody anyway. Just remember to put the version needed
> for sid first in each alternative.

... that of course doesn't mean that this is bad advice; only that it
won't always result in the right build-dependencies installed on an

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