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Re: library versioning: making upstream policy, need debian evaluation.

> > It does, and it's a perennial problem.
> OK.  Thanks.  Seems like it might be nice (in many applications) to
> have some way to at least detect when you end up with a process that's
> linked against more than one version of a given lib (directly or
> indirectly), though perhaps with many libs that's not necessarily an
> error?  In any case, with libguile it would likely be trouble.

Within the Debian model, it will manifest as an unsatisfyable build-dependency,
because individual libwhateverXX-dev will provide libwhateverYY-dev,
and libwhateverXX-dev and libwhateverXX-dev both provides/conflicts 
libwhatever-dev, and another library package libanotherXX will not be 
able to build-depend on set of packages that eventually depend on both
libwhateverXX-dev and libwhateverYY-dev.
(or at least, would be noticed by people who run pbuilder over random 


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