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Re: keyserver.debian.org.com

Philip Brown wrote:
> Has anyone noticed that someone has pseudo-hijacked 
> keyserver.debian.org.com

.org.com has a wildcard pointing to it, so if you spell <host>.org
wrong, your browser is likely to append a .com to it, and off to
.org.com you go.

i pointed my cache to my own dns server that serves up a wildcard
.org.com pointing to

> Is this supposed to be there?

it is very rude of org.com, but otherwise legal

> It seems to be kinda worrying that someone has registered that hostname.

nah, just another unscrupulous person on the planet. no big deal.

> Particularly since I found it by doing a dns lookup of 
> keyserver.debian.org

keyring.debian.org is the secret sauce


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