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More build problems on mips/mipsel (Branch out of range in .s)

Hi everybody,

I am still facing compiling problems on MIPS archs (see
due to too-far jumps generated by GCC.

As advised, I have simplified and splitted the code, but there is still
one error remaining and I can't locate it as I don't have access to any
MIPS system.

Is there a way to ask the autobuilder to be more verbose?

In case of errors like '/tmp/cc9LEpm4.s:2210: Error: Branch out of range'
if would be nice to split the compiler call into two calls
(preprocessing+compiling,and then assembling):

gcc ... -c foo.c ... -o .libs/foo.lo
gcc ... -S foo.c ... -o foo.s && gcc ... -c foo.s ... -o .libs/foo.lo || (
echo "Assembling failed:" && cat htscore.s)

Is there a simple way to acheive this?

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