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Re: Need other languafes then english, german and french

Michelle Konzack wrote:

Normaly I am using in my~/.baschrc 'export LANG=de_DE@Euro' and
it works quiet well. Same is for the french users.

The tr_TR is half readable.

Now I like to use setings for 'fs_ IR', 'ar_SY' und 'ar_MA'.

I get a very funny screen... ;-))

Where are the console fonts ???

I have found something for X but nothing for the console...

The most important thing is mc...

There appear to be some console fonts in the "console-data"
package.  Take a look at:


and the other files in that directory.  You will have to
switch fonts depending on what locale you are using.  The

   locale -ck code_set_name charmap

can tell you what charset you need to use.

Viel Glück,
Steve Dunham

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