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Re: Planned mass-filing of bugs: java packages only depending on java-common

>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Gybas <gybas@trustsec.de> writes:
    Stefan> Currently the following packages in testing provide
    Stefan> java1-runtime: gij-3.0, gij-3.2, orp-classpath and
    Stefan> sablevm. All of them include (or depend on) a Java virtual
    Stefan> machine so if I add this dependecy to the lib*-java
    Stefan> packages I end up with a de-facto dependency on a virtual
    Stefan> machine (which is e.g. not needed for autobuilders). Could
    Stefan> you first file bug reports against all Java apckages that
    Stefan> should provide java1-runtime (like classpath)?

Actually, classpath shouldn't provide java1-runtime unless it includes
or depends on a Java virtual machine.  I will, however file bugs on
any packages that provide or depend on java-virtual-machine and don't
provide java1-runtime bu should.


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