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Re: Possible library versioning approach -- (evaluation requested)

> Hmm.  It seems to here.  With a Makefile.am entry of
>   libgwrap_wct_la_LDFLAGS = -rpath $(libdir) -release 1-0-libfoo2-libbar1
> I get
>   .libs/libgwrap-wct-1-0-libfoo2-libbar1.so
> and so the -l libname is now -lgwrap-wct-1-0-libfoo2-libbar1, not
> -lgwrap-wct (what I wanted).

I think when you install, it should also generate 
libgwrap-wct.so symlink.

Or it could have needed the -version-info also.

> > You may not have yet read the Library packaging manual further enough, but 
> > with " -release somethinglib -soname 0:0:0" you should get the following:
> Did you mean -version-info rather than -soname above?

yes, sorry.


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