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Re: private debian pools


It seems like this started of badly, or something, and I am
not quite sure why.

It is possible some misunderstandings occured along the way, so
I am going to try once more to get it sorted out.

Also please not that no where was I attempting to blame James for any of
the problems that occured when using his software, and I apologize if
he somehow got that impression. I realize I made some mistakes with the
software and I take full responsibilty for them myself.

Unfortunately my feedback was interpreted as being insulting,
and I don't know why.

For instance, at one point when I said that Katie was inappropriate to
use for private package pools (something that is documented in the
README file) and gave my reasons, and James thought I was insulting his
program. I never intended my response to be read this way, I was simply
justifying at the time why I thought it was appropriate for me to
duplicate the work.

I am not so sure of this justification now, for instance my design
doesn't allow for automatically deleting obsolete packages without
deleting the *.orig.tar.gz file; it might be possible to add this but I
might end up simply recreating my own version of DAK.

If there is anything I could do to improve the quality of my feedback
please let me know.

Also at no point did I expect James or anybody else to use patches
without even reviewing them first. That was a typo, and I apologize for
any confusion it might have caused.

Also, perhaps it was a mistake to give my ideas on what could be done to
improve DAK. It might have seemed like I was trying to force these ideas
on to others.

I hope this E-Mail will repair some of the damage done during yesterdays
most unconstructive discussions.

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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