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New maintainers requested

I have noticed that my energy for doing Debian work is not what it used
to be.  Therefore, I am systematically trying to reduce my
Debian-related workload.  I am requesting new maintainers for the
following packages.

In all cases, I reserve the right to choose my successor.  Contact me
before retitling any of the bugs, or making the new-maintainer upload.
Note that I will give a package away only to a developer or to a
developer-to-be who already has a sponsor.  I do not sponsor uploads, as
a matter of principle, and I will not tolerate long delays before the
initial upload.

In some cases, I have special requirements.

Note that most (if not all) of these packages use a custom-built Debian
package build system.  I naturally do not object if the new maintainers
want to convert it to debhelper or whatever (just do it correctly:-).

catdvi (Bug#174850)

   This is a fairly easy package.  It could make a fine first package
   for some developer-to-be.

chase (Bug#174852)

   This package is stable and requires little attention.  However,
   knowledge of C may be useful.  (Upstream maintainership is also

haskell-mode (Bug#174854)

   The maintainer of this package should be a regular user of some Emacs
   and a regular Haskell programmer.

lib-gnu.regexp-java (Bug#174856)

   You should know Java if you want this package.
build-essential (Bug#174849)

   I will give this package *only* to an experienced developer.  I
   consider the capacity to deal with stupid requests (like "plz add
   debhelper"; lately, there have been not so many of these) and an
   understanding of the relationship between this package and Policy as
   essential qualities of the maintainer of this package.

   This package is not much work.  However, you may need to know some
   Haskell to figure out its current build system.

grep-dctrl (Bug#174853)

   I have special emotional ties to this package.  Therefore I request
   that the new maintainer allows me to stay on as a (mostly passive)
   co-maintainer.  If and when the new maintainer feels like abandoning
   the package, he or she should allow me to retake this package, if I
   so choose at that time.

   The package could use a maintainer who is fluent in C and has ideas
   on how the program can be improved.  There are some interesting
   feature requests in the BTS.

ispell-fi (Bug#174855)

   I will give this package only to a developer who is fluent in

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho, FM (MSc)       * http://www.iki.fi/gaia/ * gaia@iki.fi

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