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[no subject] "Webalizer"like for squid (getting closer) Re: Upgrade from slink to potato causes things to stop working (mega)flops? (no subject) (solved) Making CDs with rsync (solved) xcircuit menus won't work +64 mb ram ...and what about Stormix? .bin files .htaccess .shosts authentication with openssh .zip file /dev/audio /dev/console /dev/sda1 or /dev/sda4 with ZIP disks /etc/init.d/network script missing .... help needed please /etc/passwd in potato /etc/profile /etc/syslog/conf /include help /tmp permissions changed! /usr/src and file permissions /var/spool/mail/user missing 10/100Mbit PCMCIA network card 14.4kbps PPP link? 1NetShop: EMAIL FROM 1NETSHOP 2 computers away 1 Km and one PL 2.2 kernel ? 2.2.13 resc disk? 2nd Linux installation 3dfx banshee with slink + 1/2 486 and printing <OFFTOPIC> Xemacs->Print-to-file HOW? @Home Cable Modem @home problem Fixed! ["Jetmail System" <>] Mail Error Re: [A try again . . .] Mail Server [Cancel that!] Re: xserver-svga_3.3.3.1-2_i386.deb for slink? [Debian: Install] How to change the Pre-Select-Script Re: [Debian: XFree86] Linux shut down the VGA-Output Re: [ftp] ftpadmin user, private directories, incoming and not much more. . . [ftp] ftpadmin user, private directories, incoming and not much more. . . Re: [ftp] ftpadmin user, private directories, incoming and notmuch more. . . [Fwd: Debian specific Partition problme] [Fwd: I: messaggio assoleader] [Linux: Router] What does I need ??? [LRP: DHCPCD] ISP rotate IP-Adresses [off-topic] setrlimit()/C++ new() seg fault [OT] Re: Linux names (Re: Strange file names) [OT] Thesis Topic for Linux [PHILADELPHIA] MIME Solutions: Using Debian's mime-support Package [potato] blank windows [potato] broke ps printing (still) Re: [Q] Setting up a primary DNS server for my domain name on a Debian box... [Q] Setting up a primary DNS server for my domain name on a Debian box... Re: [Q] Setting up a primary DNS server for my domain name on a Debian box... [Re: ICMP error] Re: [root: Cron <root@devil> run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily] [slink] X wont start? [Solved] Re: Adding a style to TeX Re: [svlug] Linux Developers/Web people needed for Bay Area Startup [ Re: Compiling ATA/66 support into the kernel?] [ Fixing the Master Boot Record] a.out system ??? Abiword 0.7.6-1 segfaults AcceleratedX 5 on slink Accounting Package Adaptec 7896 & 7890 Adding a style to TeX Adding Styles to Blackbox window manager Re: adding win 95 partition Advice on wu-ftpd security needed (URGENT) AHA2940U2W... Re: AHA2940U2W... AND MAtrox G400... aliases,hosts All of the sudden AccelX problems. ALSA modules have unresolved symbols Alsa problem - can't locate module sound-slot-0 ALSA problems Alsa with audiopci1370 alsa, cs4236b and debian? Re: Also, where does xdm redirect the X server output? Amiga-XF86config ANN: email4you 1.2 revolutioniert die email-Welt Annoying anacron (or cron?) jobs after turning on the debian box Annoying Network card another boot problem another boot problem II Another Crazy DNS Question... ;-) Re: any need to upgrade kernel Any way where i can set up a FAX server with ISDN? Anybody from Canada here who use Sympatico ADSL???? anybody try tkrat 2.0b5 on a Debian potato system? Anyone seen/fixed wmakerconf crash problems? anyone using USB devices? ap-get source.list for kernel 2.2.13 Apache & Listening on another IP... apache-ssl or mod_ssl Apache-SSL: Can't get XBitHack to work. Apache/Netscape unable to find server. Applying kernel patch apsfilter vs. magikfilter and hp printer APT & NFS-shared cache - segfaults APT doing strange things... apt is unable to resolv zlib1g->libc6 dependecy apt mirror list for Debian KDE packages? apt questions apt sources.list apt-get apt-get & DOS-VM Re: apt-get (attachment) apt-get difficulties apt-get failed Re: apt-get failed SOLVED apt-get is holding back messages apt-get isn't working properly? apt-get kernel-update? apt-get messages? apt-get messes up badly apt-get removing unnecessary packages? apt-get to install new kernel apt-get update apt-get xbase apt-get, now what? apt-get/debconf brokenness Apting to a ZIP Are you having trouble downloading my pine .debs? asking for help with getting the tape drive to work AST fourport card Atari setup atd fails? (potato) Athlon and debian ATI Rage 128 VR (AGP) ATI Xpert? ATI? audio cdrom broken in 2.2 kernels??? Auto blanking of xscreensaver autoload balancing AWE-soundcard problem (potato) Aztech 3D sound card ?????? Aztech Sound card Backspace & Delete Backup Media bad alternatives symlinks after potato upgrade Base slink without pcmcia-cs Bash can't find, PS1 and HISTSIZE bash: /home/username: is a directory Beginners How-To use Debian as a LAN bid IDE disk corruption: linux started with old geometry and is now corrputed Bind error bind TTL problem blackbox and blackbox-menu Blocking ICMP requests from certain hosts? Boot disk for kernel-image-2.2.13 not working Boot Floppy bootdisk problem Booting from floopy slow Re:Booting from floppy slow Botting a Mylex DAC960 RAID controller broke printer with potato :( Broken ftp; can't purge proftpd Broken web browsing Re: BUG bug 34449 workaround Bug in smbmount? Bug submission Re: Bug#51668: imap 4.7 introduces login failure Building a mesag3-glide package building openssh on slink Burning CD-Rs with Debian? c++ problem (gcc) cal-tex-mouse-... not working on emacs20 Re: cal-tex-mouse-... not working on emacs20 - solution found Can Debian users install the new Corel packages? Can I build a kernel with builtin IMM (ZIP DRIVE) support? Re: can I list just the directories, executables? Can not bind to /dev/ttyS2 with Kernel 2.2.13 Can't "make menuconfig" Can't change window managers "on the fly" Can't find a valid termcap file at .../ Can't find shared libraries Can't get Gnus function properly. The last update was on 07:47 GMT Mon Aug 05. There are 3690 messages. Page 1 of 8.

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