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/etc/passwd in potato

I was looking through the /etc/passwd that was installed on my new potato install (direct not from slink) and I noticed alot of users that have their shell set to /bin/sh that should probably be set to /bin/false.

for example i installed qmail on my old redhat system and all the qmail users were installed with the shell set to /bin/true (btw is there any advantage to using true instead of false or vise versa?) on my potato /etc/passwd they are all set to /bin/sh.

in fact the only users that have the shell set to /bin/false rather then /bin/sh are postfix, telnetd, rwhod, identd, and ftp

also note that i did not install qmail on this system, so why are qmail users present? there are several users installed here that have to do with packages i do not have installed...

what is the deal here?

Best Regards,
Ethan Benson
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