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/var/spool/mail/user missing

Hi all,

I sent a preovious message, but I don't know where it went. It never
showed up in Netscape, but then my timezone info is screwed up in
netscape (which is why I use mutt). It may show up tonight...

Anyway, my problem is:

I was trying to set up another box, and when all was done, I
couldn't send/receive mail. Well, I could send it, but I couldn't
receive it. mutt complained that there was no
/var/spool/mail/username. I don't remember doing anything different
this installation. I set up exim like always. What's supposed to go
into /var/spool/mail--files, folders? Or better yet, what program sets
that up?

With this machine. I've done a CD install of slink, which I then
upgraded to potato.

Any ideas?

                                      __   _ 
Mark Wagnon       (  Debian GNU/ -o) / /  (_)__  __ ____  __    
Chula Vista, CA    )             /\\/ /__/ / _ \/ // /\ \/ /   
mwagnon1@home.com (             _\_v____/_/_//_/\_,_/ /_/\_\

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