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Re: /etc/syslog/conf

[19:07:49 /tmp]$ dpkg -S /etc/syslog.conf
sysklogd: /etc/syslog.conf
[19:09:26 /tmp]$ 

Therefor, unpacking the sysklogd package and taking /etc/syslog.conf from it
should get you back the config file. But I am not sure that other packages 
do not change it to suit there needs.

If I am not mistaken then /etc/init.d/sysklogd restart would restart the 
logging facilities without the need to reboot.

> I saw this nifty little command at Linux.com and I thought I would give
> it a try.  It reroutes log information to tty12.  The command was,
> echo '*.* /dev/tty12' >/etc/syslog.conf
> The file now looks like this,
> ~$ cat /etc/syslog.conf
> *.* /dev/tty12
> I didn't realize that it would become "permanent" and wipe out my
> xconsole info.  At any rate I was wondering if someone could send me
> their default Slink /etc/syslog.conf file?  I read through the various
> man pages but there didn't seem to be a default that I could see.  I
> looked in dselect for a syslog package but couldn't find one.  I was
> thinking I could delete and reinstall on my system to get it back to the
> way it was.  If that is a good option which package is this in?  I see
> from the archives there are many setups which is interesting and I'd
> like to play with it later but right now I just want things back the way
> they were.  Also is there a way to start the syslog running after
> changes without rebooting?
> Thanks,
> kent
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