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Re: Adaptec 7896 & 7890

I use a onboard 7890 right now.  I have scsiII, ultrawide SE devices, and U2W LVD
stuff all together with no problem.  I think the one thing you want to check if you
plan to mmix like that is whether or not you have the aic-38** maybe 36... Anyways
its a small chip that works with the 7890 that basically allows everything to play
nice.  I think it interfaces the SE stuff to the LVD 7890.  But as for that
harddrive, it should work fine, just make sure you have an LVD terminator and plug it
into the right port.

-Aaron Solochek

Adam Greene wrote:

> Has anyone ever used the Adaptec AIC-7890 or AIC-7986 with Linux??  They are
> the Ultra2 SCSI chips that come mounted on motherboards (specifically the
> Intel L440GX server board and the SuperMicro P6SBU).  Also, does anyone know
> if you can hook the Western Digital Enterprise 9.1GB LVD drive to these (I
> REALLY new to SCSI, but It has to be this for a webserver our company is
> building).
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