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Re: Botting a Mylex DAC960 RAID controller

a quick fix may be to install the distribution onto a non raid'd drive and
just copy it over once the raid is setup.  this is how i setup my
(software) based raid servers.. installed to 1 partition, made the rest of
the partitions mirrored, and just cp -a'd the files over after i made the
raid arrays.(resized the root partition too)

Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
/dev/sda1             839599  126369   669857     16%   /
/dev/md0             1189050  786848   340759     70%   /usr
/dev/md1             1484447  939148   468595     67%   /users
/dev/md2              513082  349434   137146     72%   /var
/dev/md3              147666     161   139880      0%   /tmp
/dev/sdb1             839599  272200   524026     34%   /stuff

might save you a lot of pain & suffering with installing directly to a
raid array from the start.  does the mylex raid controller support booting
linux off a raid array? from what i read the root partition cannnot be
part of a raid array without some crafty configuration. 


On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Enrico Zini wrote:

zinie >
zinie >On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Jean-Yves BARBIER wrote:
zinie >
zinie >> > > Try `mem=256M' instead.
zinie >> > > Please let me now how the Mylex performs ...
zinie >> > No luck: the installation keeps hanging asking about colors.
zinie >> Try `mem=255M' instead. 
zinie >
zinie >Fine, I'll give it a try tomorrow.
zinie >
zinie >Even if it starts, anyway, the problem remains: raid disks on DAC960
zinie >aren't neither EIDE nor SCSI disks, and /dev/rd* devices are not created
zinie >in the normal boot floppies; a quick hack I thought of is to change the
zinie >major numbers of  /dev/sda*  devices, so that Debian installation will
zinie >believe it's coping with normal scsi devices; I'm not satisfied with it,
zinie >however, since normal devices for it should be named something like
zinie >/dev/rd/c0d0*. No, that's not on a Sun. BTW RedHat 6.0 used that c0d0*
zinie >convention right, so their boot disks can be worth a glance for
zinie >`ideas' O:-)
zinie >
zinie >Another problem is the Asus mainboard has an Adaptec UW SCSI controller
zinie >built-in that has been disabled on the BIOS configuration. Sadly, just the
zinie >SCSI bios has been disabled from that board, and the Linux Adaptec driver
zinie >hangs when it finds its controller.  The only way I found to avoid Debian
zinie >boot disks try to load Adaptec drivers, is to make a new kernel.
zinie >
zinie >No use were the adaptec boot disks from
zinie >http://www.debian.org/~adric/aic7xxx/, and even RH6 hung when trying to
zinie >initialize it: RH6 can only be installed in 'expert' mode, on that
zinie >machine. Not that I'm afraid of expert modes, anyway.
zinie >
zinie >
zinie >					  Read you soon! Enrico
zinie >
zinie >
zinie >
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