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apt is unable to resolv zlib1g->libc6 dependecy


in preparation for an "apt-get disp-upgrade" I will be making soon, I did an
"apt-get -s disp-upgrade", because I wanted to see what it would do.

However, it complained about a few dependency problems, which I fixed,
except for one thing. It says zlib1g depends on libc6. This is a hamm
system, so libc6 is indeed installed, and a "dpkg --list libc6" confirms
that the complete name of the package is "libc6".

So what's the problem? Why does it recognize libc6 as a dependency problem?
I can't remove zlib1g either, because other applications
depend on it. And as long as this dependency problem exists, it is my
understanding that apt-get will refuse to upgrade the system, so I need to
solve the problem, one way or another.



/ Peter Schuller

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