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Backspace & Delete

I'm a bit confused.

If I have an .xinitrc file in my home directory when I fire up X, my
delete key works like a backspace in xterm. If I don't have an .xinitrc
file, it works properly (deleting chars to the right of the cursor). In
either case, it works properly when composing this message in Netscape
Mail, and it works properly in nedit, so it seems to only be a problem
in xterm. Rxvt also works properly.

My .xinitrc is simply:

xterm -geometry +2+2 &

My .Xsession is identical. I don't have any files referring to modmap in
my home directory, and the /etc/X11/Xmodmap is completely commented out.

My sister is logged into X on display :0 via xdm, but I manually start
my session via "startx -- :1". Her xterm works properly; she does not
have an .xinitrc in her home directory, or any other file that looks
like it might have to do with keyboard mapping.

I don't really understand all the ins-and-outs, but I originally
suspected that having an .xinitrc in my home dir caused /etc/X11/Xmodmap
to get "skipped", but since that file is completely commented out, and
since the problem only seems to affect xterm, I'm now thinking that's
not the problem.

I suspect I could add
	keycode 22 = BackSpace
	keycode 107 = Delete           
to my .xinitrc file (I'm not sure about this), but that doesn't explain
why having a .xinitrc file changes the default behaviour of the delete

Any clues?

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