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2 problems AcceleratedX and the Matrox Millenium (was Re: Side question) Adding args for modules Re: apropos linking `dselect' Australian Mirror Backup binary-files Bus master arbitration failure Can metamail be disabled in elm? can't compile mh Re: A CD player for my... Color-ls discussion terminated Re: Color-ls package Re: Color-ls package nearly ready for release, but I need... Re: Color-ls package nearly ready for release, but I need... (fwd) Compiling kernel: where/what is as86, ld86? Compiling packages? ... Re: PCMCIA Card Services Configuring MTA - smail correct umask permissions cron goes berserk cross compilation,assembly Ctrl-Alt-Del problem Re: Ctrl-Alt-Del problem, an apology Ctrl-Alt-Del problem, late 1.3 kernels Debian and ISDN Debian Books debian changes debian for Mac Debugging information/ dftp problem diald-0.12 Re: dip + slirp -P (ppp) working? Disappeared partition dlltools-2.17, linux-a.out long-term Does the 1.1 install hose /usr/local and /home? dpkg-1.0.17.tar.gz Re: dpkg-ftp 1.3.2-1 dpkg-ftp. Also ELF netbase&netstd Emacs lisp file to strip a debian Packages file Re: e-mail address book /etc/rc.local not used? Exporting NFS systems FAQ: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages FTP causing segmentation fault ftp mirrors FTP Problems!! Anyone? fuser & pppd disk hits (fwd) Re: Java (fwd) xconsole (?) GCC 2.70 and dynamic ELF-Libraries GCC crash Getting ATAPI CDROM recognized Ghostscript! Re: ghostscript 3.53 A good distribution... Re: Hard-drive "perpendicular mode" Help? Machine crashes from time to time. HELP!!! - Problems with my root partition Help: SLIP connection not working since upgrade Hi-lighting in VM for emacs. Identity crisis incomplete package installation Inn Install trouble Re: Integrating local changes Interfaces Java Karl Hegbloom - your mail is bouncing. LaTeX: how to add fonts libX11 and libt linux netscape problem [linux-security] Java security bug (applets can load native methods) (fwd) [linux-security] more Java/Netscape holes (fwd) linux source-1.2.13-x.deb build => what? Loading debian lockfile cleanup ls -l problem Mac file systems? Matrox Millenium + X MH for ELF... Mosaic on Linux multiple networks newaliases (sendmail-8.6.12-9): never terminates Newbie needs help newbie problem New Hard-drive problem no ELF activity? Re: ntex with Debian? OS!!_WaR* Partitioning Hard Disk PASV on PCMCIA Card Services PENPAL CLUB a point on mailing list policy Re: preinstalled software Printer problems Q: package xv-3.10a-2.deb from "stable"-tree Re: A question A question prompted by HELP!!! - Problems with my root Re: Reading CD sound tracks Remarks on installation of ?beta 1.1 Remove from mail list Rxvt and resources /sbin/dinstall fails: read-only file system Re: seyon Side question smarthost questions Sony-cdu33a ssh? Still can't mount CD-ROM Strange anon-FTP session from strange results in top Re: svgalib (restorefont) permissions tcp/ip over ax.25 termcap and lynx problem tex-install Re: timing programs Tin and global mailing umask and permissions Unable to install 1.1, failure. Unidentified subject! unsubscribe unsubscribing Upgrading vfat in mount of msdos file system When is 1.1 stable? When is Debian 1.1 to be released? where are installation scripts and programs? Where can I find .so information / documentation Where does one set mesg to y on boot? Re: which package is the kernel? Why the .deb format? wrong permissions at XBiff actions Re: xconsole messages xdm and other X stuff xfig and fvwm in "unstable" tree X, ttyp? hangers-on x-win probe? The last update was on 10:08 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 396 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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