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cron goes berserk

Hi fellow debians(w)ers!

The night between February the 28th and 29th, I was sitting at my computer, 
happily typing away, when suddenly I noticed that there were a lot of cron
processes floating around. Actually they were so many that I couldn't do 
"su - root" successfully (with the plan to kill some of them off). I never got 
the prompt for the password. When I did "ps -agux" I saw that there were many 
(at least twenty) processes identified as "(cron)" and many processes which 
were identified as "/USR/BIN/CRON" (at least I think that was what it said; 
what I do know is it was the absolute path to where-ever my cron program is 
installed, except it was in capitals).

Well, first, I don't suppose the crons should reproduce that massively. 
Particularly as I think my cron.daily, cron.weekly and cron.mothly entries
are very standard, as I haven't touched them.

Then, why is "ps -agux" calling them "/USR/BIN/CRON"? Shouldn't it be small 

You want a "(cron)"? I have planty of them, I give them away for free,


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