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Re: Hard-drive "perpendicular mode"

On Wed, 6 Mar 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Oh. Did you change the jumpers on the original IDE card so that its
> floppy controller was disabled? You would have to do that. Otherwise
> you would have two floppy controllers at the same I/O address and a problem
> like the one you describe would happen.

	I can not set the jumpers on the old ide card because I do not 
have manual for it.  The cmos is set for 0 floppys and  0 harddrives.  
After a long struggle I was able to get the gsi card to switch the a and 
b drives.  Although, it now thinks I have 4 floppy drives. I can live 
with that.  Sadly, this seems to have little to do with my debian install 
problems.  Even now, without having to switch to fd1 for the root disk, 
it still will not install.  When it tries to load root from the floppy I 
keep getting the same error message.  'Floppy 0: Perpendicular mode not 
supported by this FDC.'  Neither the controller manufacture, the people 
who sold me the drive, or myself have any idea what "perpendicular mode" is
Is there anything I can do, or do I need a different controller?

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