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Re: PCMCIA Card Services

Actually, you want the latest version of the card services, 2.8.7 - there is a 
bug in 2.8.6.

See the following:

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>From owner-linux-laptop-outgoing@vger.rutgers.edu Mon Jan 29 03:26:36 1996
From: David Hinds <dhinds@hyper.stanford.edu>
Subject: PCMCIA release 2.8.7
To: pcmcia-users@hyper.stanford.edu
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I've put another mostly-bug-fix release on hyper.stanford.edu in
/pub/pcmcia.  Most of you probably never saw 2.8.6, but it is probably
better that way.  Hopefully there aren't any dumb bugs this time.

In this version, automatic transceiver detection for the 3c589 seems
to actually work... well, in my case, when I plug a 3c562 into a
10baseT network with the (default) 10base2 config file, it switches to
10baseT after a couple seconds.  There is a bit of a delay before it
decides to switch, so if you always use the same network type, it is
better to configure the interface properly the first time.  I can't
test the 10baseT to 10base2 switch, though -- if you can, let me know
if it works.

This version includes a first attempt at support for IDE/ATA card
drives.  It requires a kernel patch... and the kernel patch is
somewhat less than ideal.  I've put the patch (for a 1.3.57 kernel) in
/pub/pcmcia/extras.  It will work... but will waste some memory every
time you eject an ATA/IDE card.  I think that's the only harm done.
But no guarantees.  The patch will probably work on other recent-ish
kernels, but probably can't be adapted for 1.2.X.  If you try it out,
please let me know if it works for you.  It works for me with a
Sundisk Flash drive... though there are some odd kernel messages from
time to time.

	-- Dave Hinds

Version 2.8.7
-- Added NDC Instant-Link support.
-- Fixed 3c589 transceiver selection problem, probably.
-- Fixed bug in modules/Makefile with fixed_cs.o module.
-- Fixed bug in cardmgr "resume" processing.
-- Fixed network script to shut down BOOTP setups properly, and to
   handle some more special cases.

Version 2.8.6
-- Cleaned up Makefiles.
-- Changed the default debug level in nmclan_cs to 2, and got rid of
   the "checking if_port..." messages in 3c589_cs.c.
-- Changed i82365 module to only probe for additional controllers if
   the "extra_sockets" parameter is set.
-- Added Kingston, SCM address signatures to pcnet_cs.c.
-- Added "beta" IDE/ATA driver.
-- Fixed cardctl to have some functionality for non-root users.
-- Fixed scsi_info to compile with 1.2.X kernels.
-- Fixed the device scripts to set scheme to "default" if it is unset,
   and changed cardctl to do the same.

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>  Last I checked, there was not a Debian package to support pcmcia.  If I have
>  time one of these days, I might just do it, but don't let that stop someone
>  else from getting to it first.
>  For now, get pcmcia-cs-2.7.6 (from sunsite?) read the instructions, compile
>  it and use it.  I didn't have any problems, and I use it on two laptops.
>  -- 
>    David H. Silber     dhs@firefly.com     Project: Debian Linux (uucpconfig)
>    <http://www.access.digex.net/~dhs/>     Wanted:  Spare time.
>  			     Programmer for hire.

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