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Re: ntex with Debian?

Buddha Buck (phaedrus@zaphod.caz.ny.us) wrote on 14 March 1996 01:07:
 >Debian does have a TeX distribution which I at least have been very 
 >happy with.

I haven't been so happy. It doesn't include the sauter fonts! Also, it
uses babel for selecting languages in plain tex. I've just spent a
significant time arranging things and, mainly, upgrading a lot of
pieces to the latest version. I also adapted the font generation
scripts to create the sauter fonts and to not waste mf runs just to
create the tfm.

BTW, if anyone wants the latest dc fonts (required by the latest
latex), do NOT get them from shsu, they're not the latest. Get them
from ftp.dante.de.


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